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Tipping my hat to Antz and MadMax (and saying howdy)


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Hello everyone! I'm Shinzon (also have gone by Ruafo). 

I've actually been part of MaNGOS going WAYYYY back. I used to do work with TheLuda, Vladimr and Xeross. Worked a LOT on MangChat way back when and created several custom mods for MaNGOS

I stepped away for several years to have kids and I've also been working in Cyber Security doing penetration tests and network/firewall analysis. I really just wanted to get my hands dirty again with some of my old projects. I will  be the first to admit that my (coding) skills are a bit rusty - so be kind as I bring myself back up to speed. Also, most of my experience was working with Tortoise SVN and not Git though MaNGOS was just starting to use Git when I stepped away. So, I'll start poking around and create my own repo just so I don't screw up anything in production. 

Eventually, once I'm comfortable I hope to (maybe) rejoin the development team and see what I can do to help continue to help out with MaNGOS. Though from what I can tell you all have done a GREAT job of keep everything alive and going, so I'm not sure how I could possibly improve upon things except to maybe take the load of some of the bug fixes? 

I LOVE the separation of the projects into Zero, One, Two & Three. I think this is a fantastic idea! That also really allows for some great continued development to be focused on each core individually. 

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself now that I've stepped up out of my grave and brushed off the dirt. *takes a breath* *waves*

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