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  1. I was going to ask the same question...
  2. Hello everyone! I'm Shinzon (also have gone by Ruafo). I've actually been part of MaNGOS going WAYYYY back. I used to do work with TheLuda, Vladimr and Xeross. Worked a LOT on MangChat way back when and created several custom mods for MaNGOS. I stepped away for several years to have kids and I've also been working in Cyber Security doing penetration tests and network/firewall analysis. I really just wanted to get my hands dirty again with some of my old projects. I will be the first to admit that my (coding) skills are a bit rusty - so be kind as I bring myself back up to speed. A
  3. @antz awesome! Thank you. And I apologize in advance for any stupid question I may ask in the next few weeks.
  4. I understand. But EasyBuild also seems to do the compile as well (granted I see that can uncheck the compile option). In my defense (and I do apologize), I'm about 5 years out of date with MaNGOS. I'm picking up my old MaNGOS code and the project and starting to poke around again. I had stepped away from MaNGOS back when we were just introducing cMake and moving over to git (maybe git was more than 5 years ago - I can't recall) full tilt. Just a bit of historic introduction: I am the same Shinzon (aka: Ruafo) that worked with Xeross on MangChat. You'd think that stepping back
  5. I've been scouring the forums trying to find settings for VB (such as what additional source files to include, etc.) if I want to do the compile with in VB instead of using EasyBuild but can't find anything. Are there any? Reason being, if I'm doing development in specific areas, I want to do the compile within VB - not in EasyBuild so I can test things. I was trying a few things but I think I'm missing the OpenSSL in the additional includes and I can't for the life of me figure out where to put that in VB Studio 2015. It used to be off File > Preferences in 2014, but they must have m
  6. I was more asking how accurate the post was on us not knowing what the “Hole Chunk” is for. Has any further discovery been done down this road? I don’t see anything in the forums that indicate that we do know.
  7. Thank you so much @antz, that actually was very helpful! Are those posts accurate? So we still do not know what the “Hole Chunk” is for? I personally like puzzles. If I wanted to work on the reverse engineering of that, is there a team currently working on it?
  8. I know this is most likely a very newb question - but I've looked everywhere trying to find this answer. I know very well that maps, mmaps and vmaps need to be extracted in order to run MaNGOS and I have built MaNGOS many times and played around with the code quite a bit, but I would still not say that I have a strong understanding for what the maps, mmaps and vmaps really are. Is there anyone that can explain what they really are? My basic understanding is that they are the map wireframes for the world for world of warcraft. But maybe I'm off base? I think it would benefit everyone to un
  9. I want to find out what you guys would like to see in MangChat. The next version will have notification of Achievements. Here are some other ideas I've been tossing around: * Timed notification or posting to a DB of realm(s) populations * Ability to clear GM Tickets from in IRC * A smoother capability to whisper players and allow them to whisper IRC users What other features would YOU like to see integrated? (can't guarantee they WILL be integrated, but I can certainly try)
  10. You don't just want to do the "git clone git://github.com/shinzon/mangos.git" You also need to do the branch stuff afterwards, otherwise you will ONLY have the core. (i.e. git pull git://github.com/shinzon/mangos.git mangchat) FOLLOW ALL THE STEPS. Not just the first one or two.
  11. Really? I had no problem at all. I know two other people who have patched without a problem with SD2 operating.
  12. You should be able to supress that by disabling the invite to join world channel in the MangChat.conf file.
  13. MangChat now at version 1.7.2 Supporting Mangos 7331 Client Build I have gotten the MangChat branch working now at 100% for Mangos build 7331. Here are the instructions of how to download this branch using Git Bash. I'm using the path "C:\\Projects" as an example. You can put it where ever you want. Go to Git and type: cd c: cd projects git clone git://github.com/shinzon/mangos.git cd mangos git checkout -b mangchat git pull git://github.com/shinzon/mangos.git mangchat Then simply compile whichever win build you want. (Sorry, don't have Linux, so you linux guys are on yo
  14. @NTSC Thank you for getting back to me. My problem hasn't been understanding what they are for, that part I got... What I can't figure out is what the NEW field names are for those data sets. (or if they even exist) As far as the santuary code... I've tried several different variations - GetAreaID(); Zone, etc. but I still can't get it. Regardless of the fact that it uses an area id now instead of zone id.
  15. Well... I personally run Windows server 2003... but I'd say XP with SP3 should be fine. Any of them will work fine, though you may run into more complications with Vista.
  16. I would say reasonably... around 100. Depends more on your connection between the clients and the server. I have hosted as many as 450 on a box with approx those stats... but I also had a 45MB/sec internet connection
  17. Ok, I'm not one to normally complain, but I'm really not sure where else to turn. I am trying VERY hard to do my own developing, trying to learn the differences between the 303-willcrashforsure branch and the current version of Mangos. However I feel like I have NO resources to talk to. I'm doing sort of well picking and proding at the code trying to figure out what's changed here and there but there are sometimes I just need a developer to talk to so that I can ask what are probably simple questions. I've tried seeking help on the mmorpg-dev IRC channel, but no one ever answers when I ask a
  18. I know this may sound like a pain, but I just ended up copying and pasting my code in Visual C++ editor manually... yes... it was hundreds of lines of code, but not a big deal. It's not like I had to really REWRITE it...
  19. Ok... I've been looking through the changes in the Character Data field between the most recent patch and 2.4.3. Am I the only one who thinks that Character Migration is going to be a ROYAL PAIN IN THE A**?
  20. Thank you both guys! That is EXACTLY what I was looking for!
  21. yeah, I usually use UDB wiki but it's way out of date. That's why I'm looking at ways I can figure it out on my own. Let me know if you find the php script. Thanks
  22. I am curious if there is an easy way to tell what changes have occured to the Character Data field whenever updates occur. I know how to parse the data and modify it. However I'm wondering if there is there a DBC that shows what the different fields are within the data field? Or is it really just trial and error as to how you can tell what has changed and what hasn't?
  23. Well, unless someone knows something about technology that I don't... trust me... there is no premade enviroment that is going to work for this.
  24. Just a note for those who like to watch branches (like me) you can get a nice graphical representation of what is being done every day here: http://github.com/mangos/mangos/network
  25. This is VERY interesting news. My lawyer validated this today for me. I always love subhuman_bob's advice. Seriously... he always comes up with very insightful information Not a problem, It will have both interfaces available... can't lose 90% of the market. Right? That's sort of along the lines of what I was thinking. I mean, if we could get a really good team working on this... I'll provide the needed software and datacenter to house everything. I had actually thought of this and very well may end up doing it. My attorney said that under the Berne Convention copyright should be prot
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