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Failed to extract game data from wow1.12.3

Max Wang


My wow client version is, language is Chinese, OS is windows 7. I followed article below to install mangos zero server in Ubuntu 18.04. When executing ./ExtractResources.sh,   error below occurred, does anyone know how to fix it? Or anywhere I can download the game data (maps, dbc, vmaps, mmaps) for wow 1.12.x?

For more detail logs, please refer to attached file "MaNGOSExtractor.log" and "MaNGOSExtractor_detailed.log". Also added file "ExtractResources.sh" and "MoveMapGen.sh" in attachment.

Error message: 

extract game data.jpg

vmaps empty.png


I followed this article.

MaNGOSExtractor.log MaNGOSExtractor_detailed.log

ExtractResources.sh MoveMapGen.sh




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21 minutes ago, Fyre said:


Are you able to provide any screenshots, logs, etc?

Without knowing exactly what is wrong, it is difficult for anyone to help you out.




I had added the detail log and screenshots, is you know how to fix it, please help me a lot. Thanks!

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