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[Release] Public Mangos SVN Mirror +

Guest naxpweb

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Hey For anyone who is more comfortable with SVN I have a SVN setup with a Mirror updated Daily and Some extra tools that may come in handy.

Feel free to use it, and if you would like any other tools in there let me know.

I do apologize if I posted this in the wrong section it appeared to be the best topic.

Additionally this is not an official Mirror , It is a Mirror I have setup and do not claim to have permission

or been authorized to do so from the Mangos Dev Team , but I do not think there is anything against it.

Best Regards,



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ok, while the idea was ok, and anyone is free to do this (not thats its necessary, if you cant handle GiT, then your on the wrong forum tbh) Posting links that contain, not only Database files and other content, but also contain Maps, DBC siles AND Vmaps is jusy beyond a joke, anyone who has read more than 2 words on this forum should know what is allowed and what is not.

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