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Figured I should make a post here! Hello! I'm NiteKat! I stream a variety of things on Twitch, most recently of which has been World of Warcraft Classic lately (the Vanilla Classic). I also have worked on multiple AI related projects like a couple of Starcraft: Brood War AIs that play on SSCAIT, and an API for AI to play the original Diablo (version 1.09).

I've messed with MaNGOS before, a looooooong time ago, but only through repacks. My recent streaming of WoW Classic as me farting around with MaNGOS again, but this time with the raw thing itself!

I'm pretty interested in the playerbot AI stuff, that's new since the last time I looked at this, or at least I wasn't aware of it at all when I last touched this stuff. So if I can, I might take a deeper look into it and try to help out.

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