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registration page / server status MangosTwo


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Still working on issues getting client to connect to server on LAN but can connect on localhost with no problem...  I think it is a PFSence issue but will work on that later


Right now I am trying to figure out or if someone has one available, a webpage templates to set up registration and account creation along with server status / statistics.

I had on set up before but alot of the coding was broken due to DB updates.

I get this up and running, the next snowstorm we get I am gonna try to get Pandaria running.

"For the Alliance"

Robert Schesel

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Post does not have much detail.

Did you perform the conf bind and DB IP update steps?

If that's fine, and only on LAN, it should not be a router setting, unless it is using some sort of isolation feature, just configure an OS firewall to allow traffic for that program or port then.

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as it is right now you can play the client on the host machine but anyothe machine on the LAN get the realm loop we are all so fond of

I did have the server IP bound in the 2 conf files but that made no difference so I changed it back.  can / should i bind this to my IP?

firewall is completely disabled on the host windows server datacenter 2012 R2

only thing I can think o f is that I am not understanding the port forwarding in PFsence.  


what is rather interesting is that the crappy router provided by Astrea (My ISP) can be configured and worked just fine.  we moved across town and using my PFsence box and nothing works

I may just put this aside for a bit.  and work on a registration page.  (any ideas on one?)



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If you need to configure the router, then you are testing access external to your LAN, and need to use that IP instead. https://whatismyipaddress.com/

Staying internal to your LAN would only use the typical 192.168.*.* IP address.

Whichever scenario you are using, pick that one, and it does need to be set to bind in your conf file, then restart the servers.

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Can try tools focused on the parts to help simplify complex problems such as Wireshark and nc in sending and receiving mode, possibly alternating between TCP and UDP packet types too.

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