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  1. When he said latest patch like 1.12.1 for Zero then it seems not without personal effort.
  2. This isn't CMangos. You can contact them for support.
  3. Pysis

    Installing MySQL 5.7

    Those minor revisions are just patch releases to fix bugs or security issues, use the latest. AntzToday at 6:02 AM @Whyarp 5.7 is the ideal version, but we have done a lot of work recently to support 8.0 (not 100% tested though) [6:03 AM] of the 5.7.x versions, just grab the latest(edited) Ryan WadeToday at 6:03 AM Thank you Antz, much appreciated! Elmsroth [FR]Today at 7:03 AM @Whyarp Be careful with 5.7, with some DB script it could block the execution of DB import because of the SQL_MODE (you should set SQL_MODE as an empty string otherwise it could lead to errors).(edited) [7:03 AM] Sometimes related to Zero dates instead of 1900-01-01 - 00:00:00 [7:04 AM] If I remember well [7:04 AM] https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.7/en/faqs-sql-modes.html
  4. That's a lot of dots... "I am trying to setup zero using the getmangos.sh script." So that would be a fresh install. Guides have you do: I took the script from here:, which I found on the CentOS 7 install guide: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mangoszero/server/master/linux/getmangos.sh Edited Wednesday at 10:08 AM by Mac Wheeler Now, we can download our installer: wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mangoszero/server/master/linux/getmangos.sh Set the permissions to be allowed to execute it: chmod 700 getmangos.sh And execute it: ./getmangos.sh That doesn't have him doing any git, at least for now..
  5. but getmangos is a contain all script, the guides tell you to just download that script directly, individually, and it does the rest?
  6. He shouldn't need that command though, you are just mentioned that's what the script does now?
  7. From the community help forum by Mac Wheeler, ported to here from The advice given to Mac should be checked that the script is following as well, checking out the git repo completely/recursively with all submodules and their contents properly downloaded.
  8. Right, which is why I originally didn't comment when I saw the post before Elms did, hence treating it as a bug report to investigate into further detail later.
  9. I almost mentioned the git command, but using getmangos.sh that should take care of everything.. I also use it from the Fedora guide and you grab that individually from GitHub, and it should download the code I think.
  10. Strange, never seen that before. Would guess network or storage drive issues, not permission though since you own the new directory.
  11. With Mangos one now at least, step 7 helped generate cmake ans vs project files, but did not build anything. I thought I remembered it also building like for Mangos Zero, but this time I had to open the "MaNGOS.sln" file and run the build from inside MSVS2017C. I could probably also build outside just using the MSBuild program if I knew the syntax better, but just mentioning that detail with the easy build program.
  12. To turn a previously downloaded repo without history into a dev mode one that does, I used this command git fetch --unshallow https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6802145/how-to-convert-a-git-shallow-clone-to-a-full-clone
  13. So instead, you could have clients change their hosts file with the ip of the server they are connecting to, correct?
  14. It seems a good note by another was to select the desktop development with c++ noting MFC and such. After my Visual Studio comments and previous issues, I was stuck again, or found no worth to having the IDE yet, and eventually solved it by only building the project files through easy build. IF you do go outside that program, we found CMake GUI to better generate project files than Visual Studio's own CMake integration, otherwise we get precompiled header pch missing errors. With 2017 installed easy build utilizes that better. Then I fixed my OpenSSL really specific version issue where I commented on that page too.

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