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The table `db_version` indicates that your [World] database does not match the expected structure!




how do I do the updates ???  when using the tool to do it it errors and doesn't complete correctly.

I have asked this question several months ago and still have not gotten mangosthree to work,  I have done zero, one and two and i have gotten them all to work but three is giving me some issues.  I have followed the directions to the letter (copy/paste) 


so if the tool will not do the updates... how can I do it manually?  (one at a time)  since this has not been a problem before this is all new too me. 

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You can apply updates manually through your database viewer. The instructions will depend on which one you use specifically. For example, I use DBeaver, and I can right click the database and "Execute Script."

You can also update using command line. When I use Linux, I use a command like: mysql -u mangos -pmangos -d world3 < update_name.sql

Hopefully that helps guide you on the right path.

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if I could figure out how to get the update to apply but SQL is new to me.  and this is the first time seeing this issue like this.

I am using Heidi and mysql 5.7 on windows server 2012, 2 6 core procs with 184 gig memory on SSD array storage

are there any other instructions for updating of videos or web page somewhere that I have not found yet?


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how do i dump the results of the patch attempt to a txt file?  I dont really know what I am looking at but is there a syntax error on hallows eve?  its the only one that is different...and I see the same formatting on the next patch.  can this some how be skipped since it is duplicated in the next patch?

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This is what I did:
Opened Git Bash: git clone https://github.com/mangosthree/database m3db
(this creates a folder/directory called m3db).


Opened up the directory and ran "InstallDatabases.bat"


Left all of the default settings and clicked "N".

These were the settings that I used:

Then it goes through the process of creating the three databases and populating them with the default values.

Then it applied all of the updates for Character : Rel21_05_001 through Rel22_03_002. World DB Rel22_03_003 through Rel 22_04_005.



For GameEvents - it may be an issue with the date stamp and null codes?

This was something that was applied to other MaNGOS cores:: https://github.com/mangos/Realm_DB/pull/5

Not sure if you're using MariaDB instead of MySQL - but I think that helps too.

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