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from C# to C++

Auntie Mangos

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what is GIT and were i find it??

It is another version control system.

There is a sub-forum just about GIT on getmangos.eu:


I suggest you read some tutorials and guides about it.

Don't think you can do everything perfect right now. Start easy with the basics and play around with the Core.

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You should first find out what Programming really means. When you got enough information about this subject you could start learning a language (it's easier). A high-level language is often not more or less advanced than any other - you can do most things in any language.

Some topics to keep in mind when learning a language is how the memory is managed and how to use the syntax (the grammar of the language). For instance, Java tries to free used memory when there is no more use of an object. This is not the case in C++, where you are responsible for the memory you occupie.

When we talk about the syntax in a language we are refering to how you read and use the language itself. Example: Java uses dot notation (.) where PHP uses pointers (->).

Computer programming in general:


There are a few pros and cons between the different languages, but it all boils down to the programmer and how you manage the language. Use the language that suits you!

The word "language" is used frequently... LANGUAGE!

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my expectation ys

understand what there are talking about in the developers corner so i can do that we my own server and to help

I know a lot of people interesting y help to develop but practicalli no idea

I am from a spanich countri so sorry for my englihs!!!

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about the LANGUAGE i have been doing some researh and i find alwais the same answer tha is not the language is the programer.....thats fine but y understand the pseudocode and meka me progams i am not bad.....

but around C++ is an aura of course in my university...

no matter...VENCEREMOS...like we said!!!!!

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Well, its hard to say, how you for your own should do it, i just can say, how i did it but that is no guarantee that it will fit you.

I first always heard that strange "svn" (that was some years ago :P) and so i decided to download that stuff. That was my first contact with source code.

So then i looked at all those c++-files and thought "hey, why dont play around with'em?". I asked a friend, if he knows, how all that stuff works and he gave me 2 E-Books about c++. After about 2 or 3 months ive finished those books and from then on what i found at the sourcecode for me was pretty simple.

At this point its a persisting accumulation of knowledge.

Maybe this wont work for you at all, so just find your very own way to touch the language!

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