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Instance cooldowns

Guest mfour

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Shoot me if I'm wrong.

The instances in the "new world" (WOTLK) currently do no have working cooldowns, except for Naxxramas which has something like a 8000 day CD.

How does one go about getting the CD's to work for the various instances? Currently ppl are murdering the instances as we update the instances with mob stats, etc. Had a look in the instance_template table, played around with the setting there, but had no effect, so I'm guessing that it simply is not surported in the core yet.

Any pointer would be much appreciated.

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Try to add special_flag 1 to the bosses, it adds cooldown for heroics...

Great thanks, I will give that a try for sure.

Ok just had a look through all the creature tables, but do not see any special_flag fields, using UDB 371. Could you elaborate please.

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