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[7939] [Loot loading] spell_loot_template report


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diff --git a/src/game/LootMgr.cpp b/src/game/LootMgr.cpp
index e975fe7..2761169 100644
--- a/src/game/LootMgr.cpp
+++ b/src/game/LootMgr.cpp
@@ -1330,7 +1330,7 @@ void LoadLootTemplates_Spell()

    // output error for any still listed (not referenced from appropriate table) ids
-    LootTemplates_QuestMail.ReportUnusedIds(ids_set);
+    LootTemplates_Spell.ReportUnusedIds(ids_set);

void LoadLootTemplates_Reference()

Currently spell_loot_template loading code outputs result of quest_mail_loot_template loading, as far as I can see. This should be more correct.

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