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Spell Imunity System Improvement

Guest MartiX

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I'd like to ask wether is it possible to add to core a function that would make creature immune to specific group of spells or single spell e.g. drain mana, this would really improve AI scripting, 'cos now these things have to be solved via various hacks and sometimes the result is rather bugged.

Many thanks.

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Well this may sound as stupid question, but I can't figure out what does op and type arguments mean in ApplySpellImmune(uint32 spellId, uint32 op, uint32 type, bool apply), it is clear what they mean in previous context, but I'd like to know how to use this generally, 'cos this is really one of those things that AI lacks (many npcs/bosses do not have proper resistances).

So if you'd be so kind and post here somekind of explanation :) I'd really appreciate that.

And finally one thing that puzzles me. Why there isn't something like JavaDoc documentation, or any other sort of documentation? Because people that don't have enough time or sufficient knowledge to study mangos core, are often really limited by DB and their poor knowledge of core. I know that keeping docs up-to-date in rapidly changing environment like mangos is merely impossible, but I think that at least a milestone docs release would improve current situation.


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