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[Help] Arena (Sewers of Dalaran)

Guest sorrowful

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I scripted one of the two new arenas of Blizzard (Sewers of Dalaran) but like I can't enter into the map, I can't input the good coordinates of the doors.

How can I do to enter into the map ? Which file have I to edit for entering into the map ?

Thanks for your advice.

Cordially, Sorrowful.

PS: I put the arena into "Instance_template".

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you can search in battlegroundmgr for "Find a random arena, that can be create", edit the lines below

and then join directly through the battlemaster to this map

also you could remove

 1521     // don't let enter battlegrounds without assigned battleground id (for example through areatrigger)...
1522     // don't let gm level > 1 either
1523     if(!InBattleGround() && mEntry->IsBattleGroundOrArena())
1524         return false;

from player.cpp and then i guess it works - but maybe it will crash then somehow.. i don't know ;)

good luck with your patch ;)

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