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Ive been on this forum for a while and ive been running mangos for a while now, i am very happy with it, hopefully in the next 4 hours ill have the news rev 6017 i believe? if a newer one doesnt come out and force me to recompile once again hahah, i run in linux and ive been walking around, i have a few questions What Exactely is the Need for Creature Arggo? I was looking at the Forum as well as the mangos.conf and it says about arggo 1 = 100% 1.5 150% and 0 is nothing, now could someone please explain to me if Arggo for the CReatures is needed? and if so, Shouldnt it be Divided up like into Classes such as the creatures themselves, wolves and many other, humaniod as well, It seems to me turning something off i do not know that works correctly is stupid and very ignorant so i ask you, what is the Arrgo Definition exactely, And why is it needed for creatures, ive heard many a times arggoing on wow basicly pulling mobs in and just ransacking but i never really understood it, anyone give me a clue of 3 hell a deck would be great cause currently im only holding 1 card and its the joker....

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