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[Question] Threat fix

Guest OPenaz

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I'm planning to do my first fix, so i would like to know your opinion. I want to start with this code:

// Devastate bonus and sunder armor refresh
           else if(m_spellInfo->SpellVisual[0] == 12295 && m_spellInfo->SpellIconID == 1508)
               uint32 stack = 0;
               // Need refresh all Sunder Armor auras from this caster
               Unit::AuraMap& suAuras = unitTarget->GetAuras();
               SpellEntry const *spellInfo;
               for(Unit::AuraMap::iterator itr = suAuras.begin(); itr != suAuras.end(); ++itr)
                   spellInfo = (*itr).second->GetSpellProto();
                   if( spellInfo->SpellFamilyName == SPELLFAMILY_WARRIOR &&
                       (spellInfo->SpellFamilyFlags & UI64LIT(0x0000000000004000)) &&
                       (*itr).second->GetCasterGUID() == m_caster->GetGUID())
                       stack = (*itr).second->GetStackAmount();
               if (stack)
                   spell_bonus += stack * CalculateDamage(2, unitTarget);
               if (!stack || stack < spellInfo->StackAmount)
                   // Devastate causing Sunder Armor Effect
                   // and no need to cast over max stack amount
                   m_caster->CastSpell(unitTarget, 58567, true);
+                 float threat = 354;
+                 unitTarget->addThreat(threat);

i know, it's hacked, because it's hardcoded and also i know, that real threat is 345+5% of ap for first stack of sunder armor and 5% of ap for other stacks. But this is first try, and i don't know, where to apply addThreat() function for correct usage. Thanks for comments.

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