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Mouse-over Icon For Trainers That Also Give Quests

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Not sure if this is a core or DB issue so before posting a bug report I thought I'd get some

input from the community. I will provide GUIDs and other information if and when an

actual bug report is filed. For now this is just an overview.

The issue:

Trainers that also give quests don't display the proper mouse-over icon after you accept

their quest.


The Hunter Trainer in Stormwind

The Paladin Trainer in Goldshire

Both these trainers offer quests (Hunter: level 10, Paladin: level 12) as well as training.

Until you are the correct level to get the quest, the mouse-over icon for them is a little

book. Once you can obtain the quest (or actually take the quest) the mouse-over icon

changes to an "!" and stays that way.

After the trainer no longer has a quest for you, the icon should change back to the book

type icon. Is this a core issue or is there some flag that needs to be toggled in the DB

after you accept the quest?

I'm leaning toward a core issue since toggling a flag in the DB would break the NPC for

people who don't yet have the quest.



To reiterate, I will provide NPC names, locations and GUIDs when the proper place to file

the bug report is determined.

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