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SHA1 Crypt Variable?

Guest Bubelbub

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Sorry for my bad English.

I got the AuthSocket.cpp already viewed 1 hours.

But unfortunately only had the range found by the password is checked.

Can one of you to say which variable has the password?

The variable should be as normal SHA1 have no password.

Below, I have only:

if (! memcmp (M. AsByteArray (), lp.M1, 20))


What meaning is the same password database> client.

Thanks in advance!

I translated the Text with a Translator, also Sorry ^^

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did you read what arrai said above?

do you know what SHA1 is?

do you know what SRP-6 is?

Try clicking the link arrai posted, it will explain SRP-6.

the client does NOT send the password to the server, it would be far to insecure. That is why SHA1 and SRP-6 are used.

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