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[not confirmed][spell] Arena Preparation

Guest pelle

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Mangos Version: 8087

Custom Patches: none

SD2 Version: none

Database Name and Version : udb 0.11.5 updated

How it SHOULD work: entering the arena, you should get casted spell 32727

How it DOES work: i don't have the buff.

i really can't stand why, the code is right but if i don't do a .cast 32727 inside the arena i won't get the buff.

using 32728 instead i got the buff, but i won't have other auras like invisibility.

it's seem to be only mine problem...?

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If you have an empty spell_aura-table then you have done something really wrong due to the fact that UDB 382 does have 111 entrys in it.

but the map and bg status is done by the core...?

Yes, but to buff something on a player which enters some area is managed by core + spell_area, not a blank core. http://wiki.udbforums.org/index.php/Spell_area in you case you would need to use autocast=1.

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1. Besecly first thing to do it to list all arenas, which does need that spell on entering.

2. Second thing always need to be done is to investigate if it does realy works on blizz, atleast that never harmed anyone.

3 . Next thing to do is to write the needed query's.

DELETE FROM `spell_area` WHERE spell=32727;
(32727, xx_areaid_of_areana_xxx, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 2, 1);

Ofc if you want to make severals zones using that spell you need to enlarge that query.

If you have done the second step and got some proves, you can ofc report that issue on your DB-Providers site. ;)

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i don't recommend you to add "preparation" to spell_area table, because you need it to be removed when battle starts.

Therefore it is hardcoded to core and if you want to change it, you have to look to the battleground class.

the code in the core don't work and i don't know why!

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Confirm in:

MaNGOS/0.15.0 (* * Revision 9110 - *) for Linux_x64 (little-endian)

Using script library: ScriptDev2 (for MaNGOS 9062+) Revision [1539] 2010-01-04 02:13:08 (Unix)

Using World DB: PSDB WotLK (279)

Using creature EventAI: PSDB EventAI & ACID 3.0.0

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