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Rev 8342


Script2dev 1380

Patches Grid speed up

Branch 320

Hello when players log into my server

they get unknown area 5 mins later

server crash

Deleting expired bans...

Calculate next daily quest reset time...

Starting objects Pooling system...

Starting Game Event system...

GameEvent 5 "Darkmoon Faire (Mulgore)" started.

GameEvent 16 "Gurubashi Arena Booty Run" started.

GameEvent 21 "Call to Arms: Eye of the Storm!" started.

GameEvent 38 "Edge of Madness, Wushoolay" started.

WORLD: World initialized

PLAYER: Player 4385 discovered unknown area (x: -2557.479980 y: -2293.870117 map: 1

PLAYER: Player 4110 discovered unknown area (x: -10620.900391 y: -2942.840088 map: 0

And says segmenation error i am running linux

Bascailly it did work and then it messed up any idea i really need help asap

by the way everything worked fine i recompiled and this started but i recompiled quite a lot and recheckedout and no look maybe somebody ca help

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