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Spell 24324 needs a condition in spell_scripts


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Here's the thing, There are three Blood Siphon spells in Hakkar:




They are connected

How should it work:

Spell 24324 should apply stun for all players affected and in spell_scripts decide which player has a debuff http://www.thottbot.com/s24321. Affected Players should cast 24323, not affected 24322

How does it work:

spell 24324 doesn't do a thing

spells 24323 and 24322 work only when cast from players on Hakkar 24322 had entry in spell_scripts_target, for 24323 i had to add it

i would add the entry for 24324 in Spell_scripts but i don't know how to make the check if target is affected byt spell 24321 or has its aura

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