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Mangos 1.12.X

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The new mangos 1.12.X server project is located here: http://www.udw.altervista.org/zeroproject/

The repo is here: http://github.com/mangoszero/mangoszero

OLD: Apparently freghar made a mangos 1.12.X repo, though it hasnt been updated since october


and then dythzer was working on reverting the mangos-0.12 branch to accept 1.12.X clients


I might try and start working on this as i've been interested in a classic server for WoW and have a few friends that would be very interested. If anyone has any interest it would be pretty cool to maybe getting a decent working copy going.

EDIT: Apparently Vladimir and Neo2003 are working on a 06 milestone of mangos which is for 1.12.1 I just found it after looking at all the mangos repos.


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