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Spell Requirements question

Guest Scyzor

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Hello guys,

I saw some spells that have their requirements listed in the description and can't be executed (totally disabled) until the requirements are fulfilled (and they don't need to send anything to mangos to know that) and some other spells that don't have the requirements in the description and ask the server and then get a failed reply.

A good example is Prowl and Dash.. Prowl can't be executed at all, but Dash need to check with the server first (but currently it's bugged and can be executed without the cat form)

This question is mainly for fixing dash.

Can anyone tell me what does that depend on ? Is it DB-related ? I saw that the Dash DBC entry doesn't have any allowed stances but even after i set it like prowl (to only cat form), nothing happened except that it doesn't get executed on other forms but also doesn't give an error message like prowl. What's wrong ?

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