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PVP Battleground queue system

Guest Lidka

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" Iam experiencing with big team unbalances issues on Blizzards servers and blizz developers are ignores a good and effective ideas from us . ( Alterac Valley 20vs40 games after theyr patch 2.4 ). I played as 60 lvl . There was a nice pvp games on this bracket ( no qick zerg enemy bases.)"

I would like help with this issue to yours Mango project with some ideas.

Becouse i have not skill in C programming but somthing can read from source code with helps .

Can you tell me where is queue system code in Mango project ? I see somthing in Battleground.cpp file. There is that code is "this code isn't efficient and its idea isn't implemented yet".

There are some ideas on Blizzard suggestions forums. :



message for blizz developers :

Resolutions can be very easy:

For lower queue time : remove limits that players can join into max 2 separate battlegrounds.

For team balances : Only small set of queued players will receive a dialogue box noting that the instance is ready. (5 horde and 5 aliance players can join into battle for Alterac Valley at one time)

IT is very easy it make balanced with very low queue waiting time.

Why you didnd make relevant change for low queue time and balaned teams yet ??? It so hard it make it .

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queue is in battlegroundmgr.*

but if you don't understand c++ you're lost there^^

btw i was also lvl60 alterac valley player - did this the whole day.. ^^

For lower queue time : remove limits that players can join into max 2 separate battlegrounds.

our server solved it to open only 2 battlegrounds per day.. this is very effective for low-populated servers to reduce the waittime and the amount of closed battlegrounds due to too less players

about all other ideas: they sound interesting but don't expect to have someone who will code your ideas..

also regarding your signature.. i doubt that blizzdeveloper are looking in this forum^^

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I don't want to show off, but i think we created better bg queue system... :cool:

There were many things that we decided that some people would not agree. For example new BG instance is created when there are at least minimum players in queue from each faction - some would object it is better to start when there are at least maximum players of both factions...

There are 2 possible config options for bg queues behaviour in mangos.conf file. Default is much easier and allows bgs to be very unballanced, but the other value of option should keep bgs ballanced as much as possible.

From my point of view bg queues don't require any big changes...

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