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Hello all this project has taken a new turn.

The Mango-tools team have decided to go a different way with this project.

We are no longer using the mangos-gui Code we have decided to totally write the code ourself.

We will also not be writing this in vb.net instead we are using vb6 the reason for this is vb6 is allot easier language to write in then vb.net..

Also the team knows vb6 allot better then vb.net.

Since we are going to totally write new code this project is going to take a while to do.

Once we get a feature list I will update this post again.

If you would like to help please PM me or respond here currently we need programmers and will soon need beta testers.

Please no posts asking why we use vb6.

The reason for this Edit was we have decided to go in a different way with this project

- Update

We are currently in the Process of coding this project will also have a name change below is a list of current features we are working on.

- Program will be Skin able

- All Program windows will be Dock able

- Currently working on GUI look coding for functions will come in first beta

- Program will have a Addon Engine which will use Main GUI Skin.

- Program will save all Settings in a Encrypted Access Database

- Program will be able to be used on a remote PC and control Mangos from the network.

- Program will have System Monitoring which will probably be in the form of a Addon.

- More Coming soon


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