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i'm affraid that there is no stright modifier for players (only creatures in config file)

Rate.Creature.Normal.Damage = 1
Rate.Creature.Elite.Elite.Damage = 1
Rate.Creature.Elite.RAREELITE.Damage = 1
Rate.Creature.Elite.WORLDBOSS.Damage = 1
Rate.Creature.Elite.RARE.Damage = 1
Rate.Creature.Normal.SpellDamage = 1
Rate.Creature.Elite.Elite.SpellDamage = 1
Rate.Creature.Elite.RAREELITE.SpellDamage = 1
Rate.Creature.Elite.WORLDBOSS.SpellDamage = 1
Rate.Creature.Elite.RARE.SpellDamage = 1

bonus damage for players depends on spell/school/waepon and other factors that are placed in variant functions in code.

you can use command .damage or .die if it's what you seek

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