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[CRASH] Mangchat Online Players

Guest xeross155

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Hey Folks,

I've implemented mangchat into my core recently and noticed the .online command (To list all online players) crashes the server, me and Zor have been trying to fix this for 6 hours now and we're both out of ideas what the problem could be.

The git repository: http://github.com/xeross/mangos

The full backtrace of all threads: http://lecowow.com/gdb.txt

Things tried so far:

  • * Adding guards to the source (As you can see in last commit).
    * Removed Intel Memory allocator.

Hope someone on here can help me fix this crash,

Thank you for your time, Xeross

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since (if i remember correctly)

[8318] Deleted as expected runnable objects at related Thread deleting for avoid memory leaks.

caused mangchat .online and .spell commands crash server,

i couldnt solve that as well so i have asked cybrax a few times to help with that, but he doesnt have any interest in mangchat, lost contact with death, he recently replied on mangchat thread so lets see if he continues project

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