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About server crash on my custom script


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hi all;

i've wroted a script about custom event. and i trying to adding items on player's party. here's the code :

void JustDied(Unit * killer)
       Group * killerGroup = ((Player *)killer)->GetGroup();
       if (killerGroup)
           DoScriptText(SAY_CONGRULATIONS, m_creature, killer);
           for(GroupReference * itr = killerGroup->GetFirstMember(); itr != NULL; itr = itr->next())
               Player * receiver = itr->getSource();
               // possible fix crash i think
               if (!receiver)

               if (receiver)
                   // Item bla_bla_bla
                   int32 count = 1;
                   uint32 itemid = ITEM_BLA_BLA_BLA;

                   //now we can add items
                   uint32 noSpaceForCount = 0;

                   // check space and find places
                   ItemPosCountVec dest;
                   uint8 msg = receiver->CanStoreNewItem(NULL_BAG, NULL_SLOT, dest, itemid, count, &noSpaceForCount);

                   if(count == 0 || dest.empty())

                   Item * item = receiver->StoreNewItem(dest, itemid, true, Item::GenerateItemRandomPropertyId(itemid));
                   if (count > 0 && item)
                       receiver->SendNewItem(item, count, false, true);

server crashed after first player's have taked the item. also there isn't any crashlog about this situation. the server don't give me any crashlog.

anybody have an idea? thanks ..

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