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Just need a code on instance reset timer. Like say if its possible to modify it to such that it resets every 4 hrs or on clicking "reset all instance" :confused:

Thanks <3

I use the code scriptdev2_projectdev to reset the instance.

you can get the source with the command:

git pull git://github.com/wzl7222504/mangos.git scriptdev2_projectdev

and this Implementation mechanism is:

void WorldSession::ResetInstances( uint64 guid )
   sLog.outDebug( "WORLD: reset character_instance" );

   CharacterDatabase.PExecute("DELETE FROM character_instance WHERE guid = '%u'", GUID_LOPART(guid));

then you can use the code in the \\src\\bindings\\scriptdev2\\scripts\\customsd2p_item_teleport.cpp or sd2p_npc_teleport.cpp


when you in the game you can select with the npc or item for reset the instance.

I'm so sorry my English is bad and I come from China so hard to translate Chinese into English.

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