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[HELP] handle death

Guest Drako

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hi there,

in the most northern areas of northrend you get mounted on a gryphon when you die.

someone told me that on the offy exactly this also happens, when you die... e.g. in naxxramas...

so todey I was looking in some functions like Player::setDeathState, Player::KillPlayer etc. but

I found nothing like a condition which decides if you get mounted or not :-(

so my question is, where will I have to look, to fix that?

thx :D

rgds, Drako

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currently YTDB.

but that shouldn't matter because all these DBs have the same format I think.

ok, in the UDB-Wiki I read the entry about the spell_area.

I think to handle the death I need the field "aura_spell" which contains a needed aura,

because I think, the death effect also is an aura.

so could you tell me if I am right?

and if I am, what is the ID of the death aura?

thx and rgds Drako

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