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[fixed][bug] Blood Plague

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Mangos Version: 9020

Custom Patches: none

SD2 Version: ScriptDev2 (1520)

Database Name and Version: YTDB r523

How it SHOULD work:


Blood Plague

A disease dealing [0 + AP * 0.055 * 1.15] Shadow damage every 3 sec for 15 sec. Caused by Plague Strike and other abilities.

Base damage 0

Bonus from attack power [AP * 0.055 * 1.15]

How it DOES work:

Blood Plague does not scale with your total attack power, at all

For example, my female tauren death knight level 80, naked, no items, no spent talent points, no professions, has 588 attack power.

both Frost Fever and Blood Plague use same damage formula: AP*0.055*1.15, where AP is your total attack power. So my base damage will be 588*0,055*1,15=37,191, rounded down to 37.

If you look at your spellbook, spell tooltips indicate this is correct amount of damage.

And i do that amount of damage with both spells.

Fully equipped, with 4010 AP, I should do 4010*0.055*1.15=253,6325 damage.[


Frost Fever tooltip in spellbook indicates 253 damage every 3 seconds, and it does that amount to target.

Blood Plague tooltip in spellbook indicates 253 damage every 3 seconds, but it still does only 37 damage every 3 seconds.

Your total attack power is not included in Blood Plague damage formula, it still uses base lvl 80 attack power.

This problem exists since switch to 3.2.2a client version.

Blood Plague u have in spellbook:


Blood Plague that is cast on target:


Hope this helps

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