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Dbc Information Needed..

Guest toffo

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Hey all, I'm wondering if its possible somehow to get ahold of code that can read out information about the map overlays..

The reason I'm asking is that you can, without problems extract maps from the mpq file, but the overlays is separate.

For example, you have Felwood1.blp, Felwood2.blp - Felwood12.blp and this is the main map.

But then you have other blp's for Felwood to show that beautiful colored maps, like

FelwoodHighlight.blp, IrontreeWoods1.blp, JadefireGlen1.blp

and so on..

What I need is to extract the information on where these overlays fits on the main map.

is it possible? I believe it must be in the "WorldMapOverlay.dbc" file perhaps, but I might as well be wrong..

Anyone who got any info?

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