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[Help] Can't find LookupOpcodeName

Guest XdK

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I'm actually working on a shared bank system. I think I've found a way to make it work but I need LookupOpcodeName function.

I searched it using VS Intellisense and Windows 7 system search but they didn't find it.

I would be truly grateful If someone could help me.



EDIT: Okay, Intellisense was buggy and Windows Search fails T_T.

This function is at Opcodes.cpp EOF.

Okay, now I've got another problem. I don't understand how bank system works.

I understood that:


->Server receive it

-> Server calls HandleBankerActivateOpcode(&WorldPacket)

-> Handler calls SendShowBank(uint64)

-> Opcode SMSG_SHOW_BANK is sent to client.

And then ? What happens ? Who does client know bank items list ?

Thanks, Skynyrd.

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If you say about normal bank then this near to imposible: bank slots in fact not different from inventory slots and stored in character data. Its just not show in normal inventory view. So this is same as attempt share inventroy slots.

Like Vladimir said in the thread you quoted, the bank is part of the character's inventory. It is sent with the other inventory stuff.

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