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Yup confirmed, 3 raids in instancies and 6Mbit/s upload. It always hapens when a lot of people are in the same place. I think it is something with Raid related ( maybe not, didnt try to do it without raid ).Tried to turn off LoS and Addon Channel and it didnt worked. Dunno why so much data is send to players ...

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Quite simple: because it increases cubicly with number of players that can see eachother.

Elaboration: consider 1 player sends 1kb of data per second to everyone in view - it is a rough estimation, but in my experience a fair one. If there are 2 players, this means 1kb + 1kb. For 3 players, this becomes:

1kb + 1kb (data for player 1 send to player 2 and 3)

1kb + 1kb (data for player 2 send to player 1 and 3)

1kb + 1kb (data for player 3 to players 1 and 2)

= 6kb, or to put it differently, 3^2. Consider the following numbers:

10 players: 10^2 = 100kb

15 players: 15^2 = 225kb

20 players: 20^2 = 400kb

25 players: 25^2 = 625kb

With two raids of 25 users each you're already looking at 1300kb/s bandwidth - while if you would have 10 raids of 5 people each the number of people is the same but the amount of bandwith would only be 250kb/s! So yes, large concentrations of players will (dramatically) increase the amount of bandwidth needed.

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Keep in mind there are a lot of factors influencing the amount of bandwidth. For example, I used 1kb/s in my explanation because it yields nice round numbers, but if you use a higher level of compression this might easily become a lot less. Likewise, if you lower visibility distance not as many players will be able to see eachother and the bandwidth used is a lot lower as well. If bandwidth is a problem, there are plenty of ways to solve it :)

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