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anyone find a way to calculate crc_hash in the AUTH_PROOF msg from the client?

that value is needed for the SRP6 calculation in the authorisation section...

i think its builded from the values B, M1, A, S and so (see SRP6)...

some data from game files are also used...

it must be like that:

1. get the auth_challenge_packet from server (provides B, N, g, s values for SRP6-calculation)

2. calculate client-side the values A, M1

3. make a crc from : wow files (*.dll a part of wow.exe) and A,B, M1, s, g?

4. use SHA1 to hash the crc :=> crc_hash key (20 bytes)

if that value is not correct the login process fails and the response from the server is a msg (HEX : 01 09)

that causes the client to give the msg that the version of the game couldn't readed...

thx for ur response


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