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spell_proc_event table

Guest laise

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seems like field related to which aura on what effIndex should proc is really missing there (gfor spells that have more than 1 effect)..

example spell : 64440

that first effect aura will proc because spell has proc event and charge will be removed so it will never get to second effect with actual spell cast.. it can be solved with hacky way of adding SPELL_AURA_MOD_RATING

           case SPELL_AURA_MOD_RATING:
               sLog.outDebug("ProcDamageAndSpell: casting spell %u (triggered by %s aura of spell %u)", spellInfo->Id,(isVictim?"a victim's":"an attacker's"), triggeredByAura->GetId());
               // Don`t drop charge or add cooldown for not started trigger
               if (!HandleProcTriggerSpell(pTarget, damage, triggeredByAura, procSpell, procFlag, procExtra, cooldown))

but its not the only spell that needs it.. and there are spells that have 2 procing dummy auras and it is also hardcoded for each effIndex.

anyone else thinks its needed?

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