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(HELP)Security level

Guest adio

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Lookup in your mangos core this part "enum AccountTypes" then replace the one u have with this one:

enum AccountTypes
       SEC_PLAYER = 0,                    //Standard Player
   SEC_MODERATOR = 1,        //Standard Moderator
   SEC_GAMEMASTER = 2,        //Stardard GameMaster
   SEC_DEVS = 3,            //Devs
   SEC_HEADGM = 4,            //Head GMs
   SEC_JRADMIN = 5,                //JR Admins
   SEC_ADMINISTRATOR = 6,    //Admins
   SEC_CONSOLE = 7            // must be always last in list, accounts must have less security level always also

thats an easy fix but it works well for me.

you will have 6 GM levels ingame, you can set the commands for each level in the database table "command"

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