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[Question] AddItem via gossip without spell


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[Mangos] at about 9100

Hi folks,

Thanks to NF, there is now a way to do gossip via database;

but, there are Gossip-Dialogs which reward an item, but there is no (at least, none I found) spell to create this item, so it cannot be handled yet via DB;

Ideas about this:

* Create new ACTION to provide an item

* Create custom spells to provide an item (don't know if even possible)

* Forget about DB and do the stuff via Scripting

* Something other

Examples for items (sorry for them beeing rather exotic^^)

www.wowhead.com/?item=21109 (will be handed over via GO-Gossip on blizz)

www.wowhead.com/?item=20949 (after a dialog of spirit of azuregos)

Why I am quite sure that there is no spell creating these items:

Converting spell.dbc to CSV, and doing a full text search on the mentioned IDs don't yield any useful spell

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