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[patch] Support For Spell 25648

Guest darwolia

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What does this patch fix: GameObjects summoned by spell 25648 (Sand Trap) should be summoned at target-location, not at location of caster

For Rev: r6324

link in Bug-Section: no

written by: Darwolia

Probably there could be a better solution - but some gameobjects summoned by SPELL_EFFECT_SUMMON_OBJECT_WILD should be summoned at location of target and not at location of caster. Example: sand trap (25648)

Code is tested and works:

Index: SpellEffects.cpp
--- SpellEffects.cpp        (revision 6324)
+++ SpellEffects.cpp        (working copy)
@@ -4320,6 +4320,16 @@

+        // Sand Trap should be summoned at target, not at caster
+        if (m_spellInfo->Id == 25648)
+        {        
+                if(!unitTarget)
+                        return;
+                if(!unitTarget->isAlive())
+                        return;
+                unitTarget->GetClosePoint(x, y, z, DEFAULT_WORLD_OBJECT_SIZE);
+        }
        Map *map = target->GetMap();

        if(!pGameObj->Create(objmgr.GenerateLowGuid(HIGHGUID_GAMEOBJECT), gameobject_id, map,

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Unfortunately he seems to be right! There is no other way then to make some exceptions, since there ´s no targetype set in DBC and the range of spells isn ´t enough to determine a good targettype.

Darwo, i really tried to proove you as a fool but i failed :)

Just two things:

+ if(!unitTarget)

+ return;

+ if(!unitTarget->isAlive())

+ return;

could be: if(!unitTarget || !unitTarget->isAlive()) return;

and instead unitTarget->GetClosePoint(x, y, z, DEFAULT_WORLD_OBJECT_SIZE);

unitTarget->GetPosition(x,y,z); faster and i think more heavy snowstorm like

i would have written that in icq, but you ´re away

+1 for svn ! :)

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TargetA[1-3] and TargetB[1-3] are all zero in dbc-file - looked them up via

error_log("TargetA[1]=%i, 2=%i, 3=%i", m_spellInfo->EffectImplicitTargetA[1], m_spellInfo->EffectImplicitTargetA[2], m_spellInfo->EffectImplicitTargetA[3]);
               error_log("TargetB[1]=%i, 2=%i, 3=%i", m_spellInfo->EffectImplicitTargetB[1], m_spellInfo->EffectImplicitTargetB[2], m_spellInfo->EffectImplicitTargetB[3]);

What do u mean? Set TargetA or TargetB? i don't have that much insight into server-code, so i don't know how to handle those.

A little explanation would be useful

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For summon object effect, we have UnitTarget but in spelleffect.cpp the unit target is not checked. If there is no dest then ClosePoint of caster is used. I think we should change the coordinate selection for gobject as the same as that for summoning creatures.

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