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[question] About 'spellentry Const* M_spellinfo'

Guest ProfOrribilus

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src/game/Spell.cpp        (revision 6240)
@@ -2068,1 +2085,6 @@

       // Okay, everything is prepared. Now we need to distinguish between immediate and evented delayed spells
       if (m_spellInfo->speed > 0.0f)

               // Remove used for cast item if need (it can be already NULL after TakeReagents call
               // in case delayed spell remove item at cast delay start

               // Okay, maps created, now prepare flags
               m_immediateHandled = false;
               m_spellState = SPELL_STATE_DELAYED;
               // Immediate spell, no big deal

If m_spellInfo's speed variable is intended to contain floatSpeed field's value in Spell.dbc, why, in the execution of this piece of code (i have watched only this, for now), is always 0 even during Heroic Strike spell casting that in dbc file has floatSpeed set to 1?

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