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Binary / Partially Resistable Spells

Guest domingo

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Binary spell - a spell whose effects are fully applied or is completely resisted. Nothing in between. As opposed to partially resistable spells that apply effect with lessened efficiency.

Only damage spells can be partially resistable, but not all are - those that apply additional auras generally aren't.

Do someone have an idea how to detect which spells are binary ? Is there some attribute that marks the spell as binary (or opposite, spell as partially resistable) ? Or it should be decided by it's effects ?

What about: partially resistable spells are those that have damage effect and don't have apply aura effect ? Maybe they also need spell or effect (for apply aura effect) mechanic ? All other spells are binary.

(I know, resistance currently works only for damage part of spells, all other effects are applied ...)

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AFAIK only player casted binary spell doing school damage is frostbolt ( but it can also crit unlike other binary spells ), but not sure if that was ever changed ( better said fixed ).

On other side, all other spells can't crit, or be partialy resisted, this include all damage over time spells, and spells not doing school damage ( eg. Death Coil )

I'm not sure about Immolate, as that thing can crit...

Apply aura check is not safe, Pyroblast and Fireball both apply auras, but are definetly not binary

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As I understand it, all spells that deal a debuff that can be resisted fully or not at all, count as binary spells - even if one of the (non-aura) spell effects does damage (i.e. frost nova, frostbolt, mind flay - the slowing debuff of it is binary)

I guess if the debuff done by the spell is not a DoT, that'll make it binary.... so apply-aura check, and then an extra check to see if the aura applied is not a DoT should do...

Not sure if that can be done in a clean way though...

info taken from:



I'm not sure if that's totally accurate, ofc...

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