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Create A Player In Mangos

Guest bragon

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I'm french student and I work on peer to peer architectures for video game.

I trying to make communications between two mangos servers.

The goal is to send the state of an online player on server A to another server B. The player must became visible on B.

Is it possible to create a player manualy and added in the map?

maybe like that?:

Player *p = new Player(myFakeSession);

//initialisation of player's fields. ( for instance: p->Relocate(x,y,z) ....... )

MapManager::Instance().GetMap(p->GetMapId(), p)->AddInstanced(p)

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This may only be tangentially related, but you may want to look into IRC protocol, specifically for inter-server communication, because this is exactly how IRC networks work. In theory, you should be able to do it with a server such as MaNGOS as well, though it would not be an easy change to make. You need to have a lot more inter-server communication than just "create player at X,Y,Z on Map Q", though this is one of the earliest steps. I'd say that the first step is getting the two servers connected to each other at all, then setting up a skeleton protocol for inter-server communication.

Unfortunately, I haven't looked enough at the code for MaNGOS to tell you how to do this, but it should in theory be possible.

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hmm.. if both servers are working on the same world and char DataBase, it would be possible without update each other charDB.

You just need to syncronize ALL user and npc action :)

EDIT: Plus all moving GO's like Boats... :)

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