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Adding Custom Text to a game object (ie: Sign)

Guest Ryanthalus

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Hey all,

I've checked the database for these entries and couldn't find anything nor can i see how the object is related to the text. I thought perhaps it was thrown in with the NPC text although there is far too much to peruse and without knowing how the object is calling the text its not going to help me much

I would like to get custom text to show up when you mouse over the game object just like the signs that are over the stores.. or when you point at an anvil. For example, i add a custom object of a plank with unique entryID, when pointing at it, it says "I am a plank"

I was thinking maybe because of language settings this was something controlled on the client side of things. Anyone know for sure?

Any help on how this is done would be excellent, thank You

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