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[BUG] Death Rune Mastery

Guest cristinel

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Mangos Version: 9637

Custom Patches: Dual spec, Insider42 branch

SD2 Version: 1653

Database Name and Version : YTDB

The Death Rune Mastery is not working. When you put points to this talent it doesn't take effect. The frost and unholy runes are not changing to death runes. And this talent is important for death knight on blood.

And the reaping talent is not working two, the same as Death Rune Mastery.

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Some one can fix this... Any way the problem is that blood tap is not working as well. Any speel that convert's the runes in death runes are not working.

I have seen that in Trinity Core they have fixed this spells and i have tried to import from there the codes and convert them but it's not working... i still get build errors.

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