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Fix for GM Ticket delete command.

Guest Agiko

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Well Here the case. If a player creates a ticket and a GM deletes it. WITHOUT relogging the player cannot create anymore tickets until he relogs.

I fixed this by sending a SMSG_GMTICKET_DELETETICKET to the player in the HandleDelTicketCommand.

It seems that SendGMTicketGetTicket(0x0A,0) wipes out the display of a active ticket but the client thinks it still has an active ticket.

SO here there codes under HandleDelTicketCommand

//notify player
       if(Player* pl = sObjectMgr.GetPlayer(MAKE_NEW_GUID(guid, 0, HIGHGUID_PLAYER)))
           pl->GetSession()->SendGMTicketGetTicket(0x0A, 0);
           PSendSysMessage(LANG_COMMAND_TICKETPLAYERDEL, GetNameLink(pl).c_str());

++         // SYN: Send Packet Ticket Delete 
++           WorldPacket data(SMSG_GMTICKET_DELETETICKET, 4);
++           data << uint32(9);
++       pl->GetSession()->SendPacket( &data );

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