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Auntie Mangos

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  • 40 years later...

hello, yesterday i found the commit which crashed it, but had no time for a report or even a fix:

i don't know exactly how to crash, but i guess it's crashing when you do alt+f4 in instances

the mangos-commit which introduced the crash is:


so reverting it will stop the crash

also it seems that backporting some other commits can fix that crash too:


this backport consists of several other commits, i mostly diffed the Map.cpp and took the changes for that specific function

but had no bigger testruns yet..

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  • 2 weeks later...

thx balrok but why you not commited this too Mangos-0.12 ?

I endeavor use backporting because Vladimir alway endeavor for Increase compatibility mangos-0.12 to master

if we use not compatible patch for fixing then future backporting will be too hard .

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  • 1 month later...

Agree with last remark. Not see reason have different way code changes in branches for similar working code parts. Mns backport added to mangos 0.12. This must resolve problem.

Nice another result in simplify backporting other related changes. :)

In ideal state we must have branches different only in parts that work in different way in related client versions.

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