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Location of Character stats now?

Guest rilex

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Right now they are not saved anymore but calculated on login.

What do you need them for? You should be able to calculate them yourself by base stats and equipped items + talents.

If you need it for some external scripts, we might maybe save them independent from usual character save, like only on logout or so...

Which do you need exactly?

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For MicroManager. Right now I display the following stats:

Health (Current/Max)

Mana (Current/Max) (or Power etc)







Holy, Arcane, Fire, Nature, Frost, Shadow Res %

Block %

Dodge %

Parry %

Melee Power %

Ranged Power %

Crit %

Range Crit %

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I think saving that data in a character_stats table would be the best choice. You should be able to configure whether you want it to be saved or not (if you don't use the data you don't need to waste resources on saving it). Saving it on character logout should be sufficient.

Any other suggestions?

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That will be a lot more expensive than a simple readout xeross155, especially if it's to be used for multiple characters at once (for example: a list of online characters with their base stats). Not entirely sure it's even possible at the moment either.

With that said, is the information not still cached in the big characters.data field? If not, I don't see how you could still implement this - it'd go a bit far to require MicroManager users to apply a core patch before they could use MM...

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