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[BUG] Buffs/Debuffs Stacking

Guest Delor

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Mangos Version: 9582

Custom Patches: none

Database Name and Version : UDB 0.12.0 (388)

There are different categories of buffs/debuffs:

Armor Debuff (Major): [Acid Spit] (exotic Hunter pet), [Expose Armor], [sunder Armor]

Armor Debuff (Minor): [Faerie Fire], [sting] (Hunter pet), [Curse of Recklessness]

Physical Vulnerability Debuff: [blood Frenzy], (2nd Talent Spec TBA)

Melee Haste Buff: [improved Icy Talons], [Windfury Totem]

Melee Critical Strike Chance Buff: [Leader of the Pack], [Rampage]

Attack Power Buff (Flat Add): [battle Shout], [blessing of Might]

Attack Power Buff (Multiplier): [Abomination's Might], [Trueshot Aura], [unleashed Rage]

Ranged Attack Power Buff: [Hunter's Mark] (only Hunters benefit, so no need to exclude against other class abilities)

Bleed Damage Increase Debuff: [Mangle], [Trauma]

Spell Haste Buff: [Wrath of Air Totem]

Spell Critical Strike Chance Buff: [Moonkin Aura], [Elemental Oath]

Spell Critical Strike Chance Debuff: [improved Scorch], [Winter's Chill]

Increased Spell Damage Taken Debuff: [Ebon Plaguebringer], [Earth and Moon], [Curse of the Elements]

Increased Spell Power Buff: [Focus Magic], [improved Divine Spirit], [Flametongue Totem], [Totem of Wrath], [Demonic Pact]

Increased Spell Hit Chance Taken Debuff: [improved Faerie Fire], [Misery]

Percentage Haste Increase (All Types): [improved Moonkin Aura], [swift Retribution]

Percentage Damage Increase: [Ferocious Inspiration], [sanctified Retribution]

Critical Strike Chance Taken Debuff (All types): [Heart of the Crusader], [Totem of Wrath]

Melee Attack Speed Slow Debuff: [icy Touch], [infected Wounds], [Judgements of the Just], [Thunderclap]

Melee Hit Chance Reduction Debuff: [insect Swarm], [scorpid Sting]

Healing Debuff: [Wound Poison], [Aimed Shot], [Mortal Strike], [Furious Attacks]

Attack Power Debuff: [Demoralizing Roar], [Curse of Weakness], [Demoralizing Shout]

Stat Multiplier Buff: [blessing of Kings] [Drums of Forgotten Kings]

Stat Add Buff: [Mark of the Wild] [Gift of the Wild] [Drums of the Wild]

Agility and Strength Buff: [strength of Earth Totem], [Horn of Winter]

Stamina Buff: [Power Word: Fortitude] [scroll of Fortitude]

Health Buff: [Commanding Shout], [blood Pact]

Intellect Buff: [Arcane Intellect], [Fel Intelligence]

Spirit Buff: [Divine Spirit], [Fel Intelligence]

Damage Reduction Percentage Buff: [Grace], [blessing of Sanctuary]

Percentage Increase Healing Received Buff: [Tree of Life], [improved Devotion Aura]

Armor Increase Percentage Buff: [inspiration], [Ancestral Healing]

Cast Speed Slow: [Curse of Tongues], [slow], [Mind-numbing Poison].

In each category, you can only benefit from the most powerful spell granting that effect. For example, Fel Intelligence grants spirit and intellect, both weaker than Arcane Intellect and Divine Spirit. If a player has Fel Intelligence and receives a stronger Arcane Intellect buff, he will gain the intellect value from Arcane Intellect and the spirit value from Fel Intelligence.

In most cases, fully-talented players will have exactly equal power on the strength of these buffs and debuffs. Fel Intelligence is an example of where one ability is weaker than others. The buffs in the "Increased Spell Power Buff" category are also not all the same potency, as they scale and grow in radically different ways. In virtually every other case, however, the buffs are equal. This means, for example, that fully-talented Battle Shout and Blessing of Might now grant the exact same amount of attack power.

In addition to this change, we also needed to address the "mana battery" roles in a raid. The mana regeneration effect they grant is no longer limited to their own party, and it no longer depends on the amount of damage they deal. Each time they trigger the mana regeneration effect, 10 people in their raid group will receive a buff which causes them to regenerate 0.5% of their maximum mana each second. This buff, Replenishment, will be given preferentially to raid members with the lowest mana, but will re-evaluate which raid members receive it each time it is fired. Replenishment is provided by Shadow Priests, Survival Hunters, and Retribution Paladins.

Finally, we have modified Heroism and Bloodlust to affect the entire raid. However, all affected raid members will be unable to cast or benefit from Bloodlust/Heroism for 5 minutes.

Almosts every of these buffs/debuffs stack on mangos servers.

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