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[help] Priest Dispel Magic works on paladin bubble


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Hey guys, just wondered if anybody had a solution to this bug.

using MaNGOS 6928 (2.4.3)

My friend found out that he could basically dispel paladin's bubble using dispel magic on his priest. Its quite an annoying bug, however after looking into it I basically figured I wasn't getting anywhere with it lol.

Could anybody point me in the right direction as to how I go about fixing this issue? Or even hotfixing it for now since its quite annoying when dueling ^_^

Thanks guys.

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In actual version, mangos 3.x, the problem is due that dispell is considered a positive spell, so it "goes through" the bubble, while mass dispell is negative so it's blocked by DS while it's should be the opposite.

An hackish,bad way, could be to marking directly dispell as negative and mass dispell as positive spells in this way

bool IsPositiveEffect(uint32 spellId, SpellEffectIndex effIndex)


SpellEntry const *spellproto = sSpellStore.LookupEntry(spellId);

if (!spellproto) return false;

+ if (spellId == 32375 || spellId == 32592) // mass dispell

+ return true;

+ if (spellId == 527 || spellId == 988) // dispell magic

+ return false;

After this you'll got the problem that mass dispell won't prioritize removing of enemy immunity (DS or Iceblock) versus normal buff but this requires another hackish patch :eek:

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