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  1. The fix has been given to myself to stop malicious users from figuring out how to crash mangos servers (quite abit different from using a speed hack). I've been told that this is the same case for mangos master and one too, I'll be passing the code on to the developers so they can implement the change in master then begin to backport it to zero and one.
  2. how can you say its a problem that mangos hasn't had any updates for weeks? Most of these other "cores" are BASED off mangos, and every important feature IE warden, all get backported from mangos. Lets not forget mmaps too. Mangos is a learning project first and foremost, not to provide people with constant updates for their public servers.\\ When it comes to real important implementations, I don't see anybody else releasing these apart from mangos.
  3. As far as I know you can't add custom graveyards without editing the DBC files.
  4. It is there, under "MaxLvl". Where did you compile mangos from golden-wow?
  5. Lol yeah, whoever gets a scroll gets free Cata, a level 80 character, a free transfer to your server including faction change and a free 7 day trial.
  6. Retail has a new scroll of resurrection
  7. Let me just clarify, You wanted to go into the directories to add the paths for include, lib and executable right?
  8. We don't support custom mangos forks.
  9. What version of mangos are you using? What version of UDB do you have?
  10. I can send you a scroll what's your email?
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