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Loading multiple scripts

Le Froid

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Hello everyone,

I am doing a few customizations to my MaNGOS core, and currently I am writing a plugin that will load Python scripts into the core instead of only using SD2. What I want to know is how can I change the core to load multiple plugins, because I am not writing the python stuff in the SD2 project. So far I just looked around the core a little and found

#define MANGOS_SCRIPT_NAME "mangosscript"
#define MANGOS_LOAD_LIBRARY(libname)    ACE_OS::Dlopen(libname)
#define MANGOS_CLOSE_LIBRARY(hlib)      ACE_OS::Dlclose(hlib)
#define MANGOS_GET_PROC_ADDR(hlib,name) ACE_OS::Dlsym(hlib,name)

But I couldn't see it used anywhere in the script loader. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Edit: I think I found it, LoadScriptingModule() function just needs some modifications

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I might add the engine to an existing project but for now i want to work on this as a separate project so its easier to debug and develop (personally)

Anyway I think I know how to load multiple scripting libraries to MaNGOS so I don't need any help for now

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